Earthing & Grounding Products

We are one of the leading supplier of copper bonded ground rods and grounding accessories.

Grounding Accessories-A vast range of grounding accessories like rod to tape clamps, U bolt clamps, Pipe clamps, Split bolts, Couplers, tape clips,terminal bases made out of Aluminium bronze or Gun metal is available.

Lighting Protection

Candour International Lightning Protection Services specialises in all aspects of earthing and lightning protection. During this time, the company has developed vast experience and expertise in consulting, design and installation of these systems in accordance with the relevant SANS codes of practice.


These High Conductivity Copper Tapes is used on both Earthing and Lightning applications.
SIZES AVAILABLE20x1.5,20x3,25x1.5 ,25x3,25x4,25x6,30x3,31x3,31x6,38x3,38x6,40x3,40x6,50x3,50x6

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