Cable lugs & Connectors

Products are designed to make installation as easy and effortless as possible without the need for special tools. Cable lugs and connectors are designed for a wide range of cross sections. They are suitable for cables with Al and Cu conductors.we have a vast range to ensure that we are your one solution for your cable lug and connector needs. We also have a technical team that has industry leading customer service that can advise on your requirements.

Copper lugs & Connectors

Copper lugs

Copper Connector

1) Copper connectors for high voltage cables
2) Copper tubular in line connectors for crimping for crimping to aluminium conductor
3) Copper connector long barrel
4) Cables end sleeves Din (46228)
5) Copper tubular end sealing ferruels
6)Copper tubular inline connector with cable stopper

Aluminium lugs & Connectors

Aluminium lugs

Aluminium Ferrule & Connector

Insulated Coloured Lugs

BI Metallic lugs & Connectors

BI Metallic lugs


Mechanical Lugs & Connectors

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