SwitchGear Panels

Candour is one of the Best Solution provider for end to end Solutions for panels & Switch Gear Requirements.State of Art Manufacturing facility in Nasik ,Maharashtra
■ ABB / Siemens /Crompton Greaves / Lucy Electric Medium Voltage Switchgear Distribution in High End Markets
■ ABB System Integrator / Siemens System Integrator Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels in Second Tier Markets
■ Customized /Non- Standard Switchgear Solutions
■ Distribution of Switchgear Components like CT / PT / Relays / Meters / Etc
■ Provide Fabrication Support for Switchgear Sheet Metal / components
■ Provide Services for Supervision of Erection, Testing & Commissioning of all sorts of MV switchgears
■ Provide High End Services of Designing Switchgears VCB along with Switchgear Panel and Power System Analysis & Study.

Standard Offerings ABB/Siemens/Cromption Greaves/Lucy Electric

■ Air Insulated/Gas Insulated SwitchGear Panels as per customer specified make Like ABB/Schneider/Siemens etc upto 33 KV
■ SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Units Upto 33KV.
■ Compact Substations For Medians Voltage upto 33KV
■ Customized ISO Containerized Substation with RMU/AIS Switchgear.
■ Customized Low Cost E-House Solution-Prefabricated Completely Assembled InFactory/Assembly at Site(Optional).
■ Porcelian Clad Vacuum Breaker of Customer Specified Make upto 40.5Kv.
■ Numerical/Electromechanical Relays,Panel Meters,Annuciators etc
■ Provide High End Services of Designing Switchgears VCB along with Switchgear Panel and Power System Analysis & Study.

MV Design Centre, Fabrication & Testing

■ Globally Competent MV Switchgear Design Centre in collaboration with South Asian Company
■ Conceptualization of Switchgear as per Clients/ Local Market requirement
■ Design VCB & Switchgear as per Latest Designs concepts of Switchgear Panel
■ Competent designs to counter Global leaders ABB / Siemens / Schneider / L&T VCB
■ Hybrid VCB Design along with Latest Switchgear Panel Design
■ Guarantee of validating the designs by Type Testing in International Laboratory
■ Complete Supports for Prototype Manufacturing, develop supplier base
■ Complete Setup for Pilot Lot Manufacturing, Quality Check etc
■ Complete manufacturing, Assembly, Testing setup of MV Switchgear Production
■ Switchgear Test Setup available for Power Frequency test for Auxiliary Circuit & main Circuit/ Circuit
Breaker Contact Resistance Measurement /Circuit Breaker Timing etc

System Analysis, Services & Spares for Switchgears & Breakers (ABB / Siemens make)

■ Analysis : -Load Flow Analysis / Short Circuit Study / Motor Starting Study / Arc Flash Study / Harmonic Study / Transient Stability Analysis / Load shedding study / Protection Co-ordination Study / Unit protection (Motor, Transformer, Generator, Bus-bar etc.) / Ground Grid Design / PF Correction Study.
■ Services & Spares for Switchgears & Breakers
■ Services & Spares for Ring Main Unit (RMU)
■ Services & Spares for Compact Substation
■ Relays & Meters Services & Spares
■ Services for Relay Coordination / calculations for Siemens / ABB / Schneider / Alstom

■ All switch gear and panel components provided under one rough of World Reputed brands
■ MV Transformers / CT / PT / Isolators / etc
All major components – AIS panels, GIS Panels, RMU, Relays, Panel Meters, Surge arrestors, Cables, Transformers, Termination kit, Transducers, Fuses, Vacuum contactor, HT conductors, Bus bars, Capacitor and reactors etc of below reputed make.

■ Condition based Local / Remote Monitoring & Maintenance Systems
■ Oil Retrofit- Vertical Isolation
■ MOCB retrofit by ABB VD4 Latest VCB
■ Relay retrofit/ Isolator replacements / Bus bar upgrades / RMU Motorization
■ Substation revamping/Termination kits
■ AMC for HT Equipments – Comprehensive & Non comprehensive (Case to case Basis)